Oregon Independent Automobile Dealers Association


2016 OIADA Quality Dealer of the Year

Salvador Alvarez, Zamora Auto Sales, Salem.

Salvador started out as a mechanic, but soon saw the opportunity to take the next step.  From mechanic to salesman, his path led him to owning his own small dealership in 1999, which grew into his next and remarkable dealership in Salem and with a name change in 2000 to Zamora.  Salvador has a strong family commitment, with his brother, son and nephew all working towards providing quality, reliable and affordable transportation for the consumers.

Salvador currently employs 13, which includes the service and detail departments with plans to move the service and detail departments to his expanded area allowing for additional room at the dealership.

Over the years Zamora’s has been involved in many community projects and programs, utilizing family and staff to partner with the events.

Salvador has had a commitment to OIADA for over 10 years and is currently selling over 600 annually.  OIADA will be sending Salvador in June to the NIADA Convention to represent Oregon and to compete for the 2016 National Quality Dealer of the Year.

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