Your membership includes the following benefits:  
  •      Forms discounts, Average saving of $100 or more per year
  •      Discount on Auction Fees Over $1100
  •      Oregon Dealer News Magazines, Free Education
  •      Education programs, Live Classes discount
  •      Tracking of member Education
  •      Government Issues
  •      Invitation to Conventions National & State
  •      All NIADA member benefits Over $16,000 in poss savings
  •      Workshops/Seminars/Meetings
  •      National Scholarships
  •      NIADA - National Member
  •      Advertising
  •      Information Headquarters
  •      Quality Dealer Applications


 NIADA Benefits: Check them out at http://www.niada.com/ Such as: Auto Zone, TransFirst (visa payment system), Choice Hotels, UPS, Benefit Mall (payroll services, plus access to national companies that will help the Independent Dealer with, Financial Solutions, Payment Processing, Parts and Services and much, much more. Go to NIADA's website to find out more. Watch http://niadatv.com/ on the internet at your leisure and find a program to watch that best fits your dealer needs or your sales staff or your F&I.  You choose and you will be amazed at all they have to offer the independent dealer. You must check it out.



(The list of savings is growing annually and will be upgraded as more out-of-state auction join OIADA)

Education                                                       On Line, Classroom & Seminars                      $300 

Regional Meetings                                                                                                                   $50

ADESA Seattle Auto Auction                             1 Buy/1Sell Fee @ $50 each                        $100

Adesa AA Portland                                               4 Buy/Sell Fees @ $50                               $200
Adesa NW                                                            4 Buy/Sell [email protected] $50                                $200
Adesa Sacramento                                               1 Buy/Sell Fees @ $50                               $50 

Dealers Auto Auction Northwest                        Buy or Sell Fee $50 (2)                                  $100

Dealers Auto Auction Seattle                             Buy or Sell Fee $50 (2)                                  $100

Cross Point NW                                                 2 Buy/1 Sell Fee @$50 each                        $100

Portland Auto Auction(Manheim)                      4 Buy/1Sell Fee @ $50 each                         $200

South Seattle Auto Auction(Manheim)              4 Buy/1 Sell Fee @ $50 each                        $200   

Annual OIADA Convention                                                                                                      $100

Discounts on OIADA forms                               Yearly average discount is                             $100

Oregon Dealer News Magazine                        Monthly                                                          $100

Total Value OIADA $1900   NIADA limitless