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Becoming a Dealer in Oregon

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Start your business venture right at OIADA with our Pre-Licensing Programs. Our class is a DMV required 8 hours of material. All of the material is current and up to date. Once you complete the test OIADA will provide you with certified certificate of completion to present DMV.

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Pre-Licensing and Dealer Education
 Don't be fooled by the idea of how easy an online class is.
  • Think about being able to ask an instructor to stop for questions
  • Hear what other students are concerned about.
  • After the class is taken are there experts available to call for help
  • Help in reviewing your application
  • Guidance and direction for Bond and Insurance needs
  • Hear from guest speakers on becoming a successful dealer
  • OIADA can not assist you if you choose another means of education.

Did you know that the State only requires you to pass the test with a 70%,that's all well and good but are you willing to leave 30% of the critical andvaluable knowledge needed to build and run a successful dealership on thetable. At OIADA's Pre-license class we will go over areas on the test that you might question to assure you will leave with a 100% of the knowledge you need.

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