Pre-Licensing and Dealer Education
Don't be fooled by the idea of how easy an online class is.
  • Think about being able to ask an instructor to stop for questions
  • Hear what other students are concerned about.
  • After the class is taken are there experts available to call for help
  • Help in reviewing your application
  • Guidance and direction for Bond and Insurance needs
  • Hear from guest speakers on becoming a successful dealer
  • OIADA can not assist you if you choose another means of education.
Start your business venture right at OIADA with our Pre-Licensing
Programs. Our class is a DMV required 8 hours. All of the material
is current and up to date. Once you complete the test OIADA will
provide you with certified certificate of completion to present DMV.

Cost: $125
Class schedule: 1st and 3rd Thursday,
(check for schedule changes due to holidays)
must be pre-registered and pre-paid

Once you take your Pre-License class from OIADA we will be
there for
your first 4 weeks in business to help guide you through
and to answer
any questions. After your first 4 weeks in business
you will need to join
OIADA for further assistance. However if you
choose not to use
OIADA's Pre-License class, please be aware
that we can not assist you
with any of your business/dealership
questions, without being an
OIADA member.
We offer top-notch instructors who will walk you through your
Pre-Licensing Guide Book chapter by chapter. This book will go home
with you and OIADA believes it will be one of your most valuable tool
as you build your new business. Contact OIADA for more information
on how you can get signed up to get you started off as an Independent
Auto Dealer of Oregon.

Did you know that the State only requires you to pass the test with
a 70%,that's all well and good but are you willing to leave 30% of
the critical and valuable knowledge needed to build and run a
successful dealership on the table. At OIADA's  Pre-license class we
will go over areas on the test that you might question to assure you
will leave with a 100% of the knowledge you need.
Once you take our class we do not leave you hanging! 
We will be there to
help walk you through filling out your DMV application, we will guide
you through the process and provide you with a qualified list of agents
who can help you with your insurance and bonding. 
When continuing your education, OIADA is and has been your
trusted resource now for over 60 years. OIADA is the state affiliate
of NIADA (National Independent Auto Dealers Association ) and is the 
only program/association recognized by the NIADA in Oregon. Through
this affiliation we are able to provide and offer certified education. The 
Certified Master Dealer or CMD is a nationally acclaimed designation and
one of the industry's most respected training programs.
Contact OIADA  for our next classes.
Call OIADA to register  503-362-6839. 


Continued Education/Online

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2015 brings a reduction in number of hours required for dealers when renewing their license.
State law has dropped the number of hours from 5 per year to 4 per year. Therefore, when renewing
your license you will need a total of 12 CE. All independent auto dealers in Oregon are required
to complete 3 years worth of continuing education courses. OIADA has made this process
easy for you by providing the necessary education materials to you online below. OIADA can
provide and track these credits for you as easy as a couple of clicks on your computer.

Also you can call and request your contined education materials for a home study/computer program
Please contact OIADA at 503-362-6839 to get your login password.
Directions: Select a link of your choice to read the Oregon Dealer News Magazine. Once you have completed the required reading please go to Test page and complete .For the purpose of obtaining a Continuing Education Certificate to submit with your dealer's license renewal materials to DMV you must complete magazines within your licensing period. Example: if your dealer's license expires 5/31/2015 you can do any magazines you like from June 2012 to May 2015. To send record of the magazines you have completed to the OIADA office to be processed, completely fill out the submission form at the bottom of the page and click the "Submit" button. You can submit as many completed magazines at one time as you like. It is not necessary to submit your information after reading and completing each magazine individually.

As a member of OIADA when you complete each educational reading magazine and complete the test, go back to view education tab click "add credit" to record and send, your credit be approved and appear within your profile page........

    2018 Education Materials

 January 2018         -     TEST

February 2018         -     TEST

March 2018             -     TEST

April 2018                -     TEST

May 2018                 -     TEST

June 2018                -     TEST

July 2018                  -     TEST

August 2018             -     TEST

September 2018       -     TEST

October 2018            -     TEST


November 2018        -     TEST

December 2018        -     TEST




 2019 Education Materials 

January 2019            -    TEST

February 2019          -    TEST 

March 2019               -    TEST

April 2019                  -    TEST

May 2019                   -    TEST

June 2019                 -     TEST

July 2019                   -     TEST

August 2019             -        TEST

September 2019      -       TEST

October 2019           -        TEST









Dealer Continued Education Up-Date

Watch for Regional Meetings in the

near future in these areas

Portland  -  Salem  -  Eugene

Medford/Klamath Falls

Bend  -  Pendleton