OIADA History

OIADA has been the Association for the Independent Auto Dealer since January 24, 1948. During these 60+ years, the changes that have occurred in our industry have been many and somewhat overwhelming at times.

 The Oregon Independent Auto Dealers Association is the only true association and one of its kind in the state; and is owned by its 500+ dealer and associate members. This association is backed by a National Independent Auto Dealers Association with new Federal Advocates now on the hill in Washington DC.  In addition, OIADA is the only association for the independent dealer that is operated by its own industry professional dealers and elected board members. Trust your membership and education to those who are successful, long-term dealers that know first-hand the operations of a dealer owned business.

The act of each individual dealer in Oregon joining the association is much more important than the payment of dues. The more members we have, the greater our strength and power. It is the joining together with other dealers that allow the association to accomplish what each of us individually cannot.

Our role in the legislature has grown as well. OIADA has come a long way from hoping things would go our way, and having an employee represent us in our interests, to now having a professional lobbyist representing us. Our success in the 2005 session speaks for itself. For more information about our lobbyist and legislative activities give us a call or check the Oregon Dealer News, formerly the Squeaky Wheel magazine during the legislative session.

 Proof of just how far we have come is OIADA's new building. On January 28, 2005 we moved in to our own new building! This is quite an accomplishment for a non-profit association. Again, this would not have been possible without the continued support of our many members, associate members and other businesses that support us in one manner or anotherClick Here to see web sites of many of these businesses. (coming soon)

 As our industry progresses, OIADA is committed to our members, current and future, to stay informed of the ever changing rules, regulations and trends, to help ensure you as dealers are in the best position possible to be successful. Through our dynamic Education Programs we can provide you all with top notch speakers and quality education. We look forward to the next 50 years as your Association. Thank you!


When you are a member of OIADA you are also a member of the NIADA (National Independent Automobile Dealers Association) and entitled to their many benefits as well. Visit their website at http://www.niada.com.